A new global collaboration with One Punch Man is making its way to Free Fire soon.

Hey guys Garena has announced a new event that will bring One-Punch Man content into the Free Fire universe. The collaboration unites one of the world’s most popular mobile games with its most powerful hero and offers players from all over the world access to playable in-game content from One-Punch Man. “We’re excited to welcome one of Japan’s most iconic heroes into the Free Fire universe.


Saitama from the popular One Punch Man manga and anime series is everyone's favourite bald superhero, known for his ability to defeat the deadliest foes with relative ease.


The event will kick off from January 10, and will offer a bunch of One-Punch Man in-game content like new reskins, costumes, and even a special event interface.

One-Punch Man Themed Items

On January 15, the game’s main interface will change to reflect One-Punch Man elements. Players will also see One-Punch Man themed items in the game like Easter eggs on spawn island, as well as reskins of in-game elements like airdrops and the airship. Players will also get access to a bunch of One-Punch Man items like Saitama and Genos character costumes as well as backpacks, Gloo Wall skins and the “I’m Saitama” emote. There will also be two new weapons skins, namely the Mega punch M1887 and the Genos M4A1. As an added bonus, those players who log in on January 23 will get a free Saitama Loot Box skin.

Training Session

On January 15, there will be a special “training session” that will offer players the chance to win rewards. Each session will task players with defeating monsters. These monsters will drop boxes in three tiers of rarity once they are defeated. As one might expect, a higher rarity tier results in rarer items. However, in order to be a part of the training session, players will have to collect One-Punch Man Tickets in-game post-match drops and by completing daily missions.

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