Friday's Lucky Draw : Mace - The Armorer, HG40 - Gold Standard ( Many more skins and updates )

Hey Cod mobile got a new update for you. Season 13 released two weeks ago, but lots of content are yet to arrive. Two lucky draws have already been completed, of which the Holiday Redux Draw brought back the first two legendary weapons of the game: Ak117 and DL Q33 Holidays.

In Season 13, CoDM will release three more lucky draws. After the mythic drop, there will be another redux draw. This time, it will bring back the old favorite luxury skin: HG-40 Gold Standard. In addition, the game will have a new Mace skin coming with this draw: The Armorer.

The other items are:
1.Wingsuit- Gold Bar
2.Trophy System- Gold Bar
3.Charm- Getting Paid
4.Emote- Make It Rain
5.Axe- Gold Bar
6.Parachute- Gold Bar
7.Fennec - Royal Coffer
8.Motorcycle- Gold Bar

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