How to resolve google chrome issues? Answer to your question.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and trusted browser around the globe, and has over 1 billion active users. But, it becomes kind of disappointing when such a popular browser has some issues like slow web page loading speeds and unwanted ads.

One of the best way to resolve such issue is by resseting Chrome.

Steps to reset chrome to default :-

1) Open Google Chrome

2) On the top right corner, click on the three dot icon

3) Click on Settings

4) Click on Advanced

5) Search for Reset and clean up under which you will find "Restore settings to their original defaults"

6) Click on Reset setting

Resetting your Chrome settings to default will change to the to the default on all devices where you're signed in and it will not delete your bookmarks and passwords. Resting your Chrome browser will bring back the original setting.

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