Top 10 richest gamers of india - carryislive, dynamogaming....

Gaming has increased a lot these days, many games are so addictive that people can't stop

playing them. As there is so much craze of gaming, many gamers had arisen and been so popular on youtube, as people love watching them playing games, they get paid by youtube. The YouTubers gain income from ads displayed on their videos and not directly from youtube; they also earn money by selling their personalized products and merchandise. They can gather massive loads of money. We tried to figure out the richest gaming YouTubers in India. So the top 10 richest gamer of India are:-


Mithilesh Patankar also known as mythpat is a popular comedy gamer. His videos are not just of gaming but also for fun. He always made a gaming video with some comedy contain, he also does mimicry of actors and for that, he is been so popular, that youtube pays him a good amount of money.

Subscribers - 6.39M

Monthly income - 4 to 7 lakhs ( As per reports )

9.Lokesh Gamer

If you are a fan of free fire then you know Lokesh gamer. He is a popular player of free fire

He is also famous for free fire diamond and in-game giveaway, and for that, he has been so

much visited by players.

Subscribers - 6.91M

Monthly income - 2 to 4 lakhs ( As per reports )

8.Gyan gaming

He is also a free fire pro gamer who entertains people by playing free fire, he has famous for the duel with other youtube gamers.

Subscribers - 7.19M

Monthly income - 7 to 9 lakhs ( as per reports )


Naman Mathur is a pro gamer. He is also known as Mortal. Everyone has watched him playing pubg mobile. if you haven't then watch the video. He has so many fans in the whole india. He is also the leader of the clan Soul.

Subscribers - 6.31M

Monthly income - 3 to 4 lakhs ( as per reports )

6.Two-side gamers

Two-side gamers is own by two people Ritik and Jash. They are the pro free fire players

who had entertain people by their gaming skills. On their channel you will get live streaming

and other free fire information.

Subscribers - 6.85M

Monthly income - 4 to 6 lakhs ( as per reports )

5.Desi Gamers

The real name of Desi gamers is Amit Sharma better known as Amit Bhai in Indian Gaming Community. He is one of the most popular and followed Free Fire players in India as well as all over the world. Many people used to think that he is from Kolkata but this is not true, he used to live in Siliguri with his parents.

Subscribers - 7.83M

Monthly income - 5 to 8 lakhs ( as per reports)


Ajey nagar also known as Carryminati. He is the most loved youtuber. As carryminati has two channels first carryminati which is a second channel and 2nd is carryislive a gaming channel.

He entertain people by playing games and doing jokes, he is a allrounder.

Subscriber - 8.47M

Monthly income - 7 to 10 lakhs ( as per reports) only on their gaming channel.

3. Dynamo Gaming

Aadii Sawant is the founder of Dynamo Gaming , a popular youtube gaming channel in india. He was born in mumbai in a marathi family. Now, he is the most popular gamer in the indian gaming community with huge number of subscribers and sponsors on youtube.

Subscriber - 9.06M

Monthly income - 7 to 9 lakhs (as per reports)

2.Techno Gamers

The real name of Techno Gamerz channel is Ujjwal Chaurasia and he has over 4 Million subscribers on his main channel. Techno Gamerz is very famous for his gameplay videos on GTA V, PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 3.

Subscribers - 12.7M

Monthly income - 7 to 10 lakhs (as per reports)

1.Total Gaming

The real name of Total Gaming is Ajay better known as Ajju Bhai in Indian Gaming Community. He is the most popular and followed Free Fire player in India as well as all over the world. He is a professional growth hacker by profession but became popular after his Free Fire game plays.

Subscribers - 19.4M

Monthly income - 10 to 18 lakhs ( as per reports)

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