What is dark web? Why you should never visit dark web

Updated: Jan 21

As technology is increasing day by day, everyone is using the internet but it is not only helping us, it also helps criminals to do the crime. Not everyone using the dark web is criminal. Someone can access it for curiosity, But as it is illegal if you visit it you will take as a criminal. Read the whole article and see the things about the dark web

The part of the World Wide Web that is only accessible through special software, allowing users and website operators to remain anonymous or untraceable. The Dark Web is a reality that has existed since the beginning of the internet. While there is a load of information indexed on the web, easily accessible by anyone with internet connectivity irrespective of geography, there is even more information and data that do not come to notice because it is hidden and requires special privileges to access. This unchartered portion of the web is called Dark Web.

For what Dark web is used?

Dark Web is home to all sorts of information but it has gained a bad reputation because of the prevalence of widespread illegal content such as illicit pornography, sales of illegal drugs, sale of illegal firearms, illegally acquired users’ database, hacking, etc. The availability of such content of illegal nature makes the dark web a suitable place for criminals. However, it is not just for criminals; journalists can use it to gather information from sources without risking their identity, whistleblowers can use it to expose corporate and government corruption, etc.

How To access the dark web?

If you want to visit the dark web you have to first download The Tor Browser. There are also some other browsers but Tor is the most used browser for the dark web.

These are web browsers with added tools to encrypt web traffic for safety and security. It is possible to access the dark web anonymously through this software. Moreover, a virtual private network (VPN) service adds another layer of security here. However, this software offers no fool-proof protection and one must be careful accessing the dark web.

Any website that starts with .onion are websites of dark web.


Should you go there?

No, you should not go there. But keep this in mind if you go there anything can happen to you. Your device can get hacked or police can arrest you for visiting it. Or you can see something that you should not see, There are also videos of torturing people and many more that after watching it you can't sleep comfortably so I suggest you should not go there. Stay away from it.

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